Tutoring excellence in  

reading, writing, & math

Personalized 1:1 lesson plans for Pre–K through 8 — online and in-person.

Masters in Elementary Education 394 Hours of Tutoring in 2017 5/5 Parent & Teacher Rating

How I work with my students

1. Connect


2. Design


3. Inspire

Connect with students by learning their individual strengths, interests, and motivations to build trust.


Design fun and engaging activities focused around students' interests and learning styles.


Inspire curiosity in and out of the classroom by instilling a Growth Mindset.

Student Success Stories

Zach, 6

Julia, 10

Zach's struggles with short vowel sounds and sight words discouraged him from reading. After two months, Zach advanced two reading levels, sparking a new confidence in and out of the classroom.

Julia was feeling pressure after falling behind her peers in math class. Using strategies not found in the classroom, Julia regained her excitement for math, inspiring her to take on more challenging problems.

Patrick, 7

Jacques, 9

Patrick's passion for reading was evident from a young age, fueling his desire to learn how to read higher level nonfiction books. Working with Natalie helped him accomplish this goal, and he is now reading above grade level. He is able to pursue his interests regarding presidents, national heroes, and planes, as well as exploring the many history books he is so interested in.

Jacques moved to the U.S. from France as a second grader. Having little experience with English spelling and writing, his SRI scores were below average. After a few sessions with Natalie, his confidence, as well as his scores, improved drastically. By midyear, he had scored above average for his grade level.

Parent Testimonials


Natalie Reilly, M.A.T.

My career in education began in 2011 in the Chicago Public School District. Since then, I have taught in some of the most highly regarded schools in Chicago and started my own tutoring business in December 2015. My experiences have enhanced my understanding of how students learn, how to facilitate growth and success, and how to inspire students.

I spent my childhood moving around the globe for my father's job. We lived in Taiwan, Poland, Greece, England, and Australia. After six years in Chicago, my husband and I relocated to Atlanta in August 2017 with our two cats, Charlie and Lucy.

My passion is to help students succeed in their educational journey and achieve their goals. I believe that all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a student and as a member of society.

Atlanta International School The Children's School Atlanta Disney II Magnet School Francis W. Parker School Lycee Chicago North Shore Country Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you tutor?

I have experience working with children in preschool–8th grade.

How long are your sessions?

Frequency and timing depend on what works best for you and your child. I suggest one hour for our first session. I like to use our first session as a time to get to know your child, find out where they need the most support, and learn how I can help them best.

Where do you conduct your sessions?

Again, this depends on what works best for you and your child. I typically like to hold our sessions in the student's home in an area with few distractions. I am also happy to meet at a library or coffee shop that is convenient for you.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A student's abilities can grow and develop and one's intelligence is not innately fixed. With this mindset, children demonstrate an increased likelihood to take risks and pursue challenges.

Let's work together!