Mini Silly Challenges

If you Learn With Nat you can definitely count on learning in some pretty silly ways.

One of my most loved approaches to learning is to use games and help each student see just how fun music can be.

Current students have started a 100 day challenge and to keep it exciting, we’ve included some mini challenges that are about as silly as it gets.

Kenzie Silly Coat

Kenzie had a mini challenge of wearing a sweater…. She’s crossing her left hand over her right during a portion of the Siamese Cat Song from Lady & The Tramp


Meagan Phone a Friend

Meagan’s mini challenge was to call a friend and play over the phone.  She got on FaceTime with her bestie, Holly, who listened the whole time with a smile as Meagan played “Give Us Clean Hands.”

Sadie Silly Coat

Sadie is up for anything and she wore a big sweater (we didn’t have a coat readily available) as she played during her lesson.

Silly Collage SGG and Molly W

One student brought in a friend (Olaf stuffed animal) and we challenged Olaf during the entire lesson, earning tokens she was able to take home afterward.

Sadie Silly Handbag

The girls get a kick out of wearing my purse while they play… I can’t wait for one of the boys to pick this challenge from the jar!!!

Trip Silly

Trip’s challenge was to hold his right foot high in the air as he played a song.  We were laughing the whole time!


Shhhhh…… Don’t spoil the fun and tell them they are learning!

While a little unconventional, these small tasks that take about 30 seconds keep what could otherwise be a very boring practice session and bring it to life.  You never know what fun you can have while playing music.

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